Kirby’s Dreamland 3, j’adore ce jeu car les graphismes sont doux et vont bien avec les musiques et le rythme reposant.

Petit cycles =)

This game is nice, with a friend really amazing ^U^ !!

Promenade = Walk or a walk =) 

Swiggity swag what’s up


every once in awhile i decide i want to play dark souls again so i put the disc in and stare at the menu for a bit

*receives input* *processes the input using prior knowledge and immediate context and makes a decision* *performs an action which causes feedback in the form of new input*


girl: come over
me: okay. what time?
girl: come in an hour. also, my parents aren’t home.
me: excellent. see you then.




you only live once


playing pokemon as a kidimage

playing pokemon as an adultimage

you’re raised in a family of mystics and your first exposure to cosplay is when your father searches for “sephirot” on youtube while homeschooling you. while looking at the cosplayer you feel that you have made a grave mistake


the father, the son, and the (unreal tournament voice) holy shit

back at it again at ouran high school host club

when I was 14 is in the postman pat movie haha

Goat Simulator fan art